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Monday, April 27, 2009

We have quite the infatuation with toasters of all shapes and sizes around these parts. So it makes me super giddy in the pants that someone has gutted a toaster and put a PS2 inside. It looks good, it works, but unfortunately it no longer makes toast, even though there are two available slots.


Cave Village in China

A village located inside the cave.

Ethnic Miao woman Wei Xiaofeng carries her granddaughter inside a huge cave at a remote Miao minority village in Ziyun county, southwest China's Guizhou province February 12, 2007. The village of Zhongdong, which literally means "middle cave", is build in a huge, aircraft hanger-sized natural cave, carved out of a mountain over thousands of years by wind, water and seismic shifts.


New RailRoad Station In Berlin

The largest new Railroad Station in Europe with platforms at three levels will be opened on the eve of the Football World cup in Berlin. It took 8 long years on its construction and 700 million Euro were spent to build this master piece.


Natural Phenomena - Devil's Town

In the south of Serbia, 27 km south-east of Kursumlija, lies a first-class natural landmark – Djavolja Varos (”Devil’s Town”). Two rare natural phenomena at the same spot: 202 stone formations created by erosion, between two and 15 meters in height and the middle diameter of under 1 m, topped by stone blocks weighing as much as 100 kg, appearing unreal and yet lasting for centuries, and two springs of extremely acid water (pH 1,5) with high mineral content (15 g/l; content of some elements even 1000 times as high as in ordinary drinking waters) make Djavolja Varos a true wonder of nature.
The natural surrounding area adds to the attraction of these two wonders, depicting a rather harsh, almost mystical atmosphere, but at the same time picturesque and timid, just like the remains of the town, old church, cemetery, and several interesting mines.
Djavolja Varos has been put under protection of the state in 1959, while in 1995, by the Decision of the Serbian Government, it was declared the natural good of an outstanding importance, giving it the first-category level of protection – NATURAL MONUMENT. Thus, the whole 67 hectares of its territory are protected.

Events at Djavolja Varos in 2008:

* May: International Artists’ Colony Bele Crkve
* June: Grand opening of the fourth stage of the international cycling race Tour de Serbie
* October: International Photography Festival Djavolja Varos


Old World Maps

Never wondered how world used to look like in the eyes of our ancestors?

All these beautifully stylished and colored maps are not the proof of forgotten days, but the beginning of questions and discoveries. Some of them were made before Columbus findings, and belong to the 15th century and before. The others are made after that time and are pretty close to the ones we have today.


Professional Ball Washer

Pocket Golf Ball Washer is a unique way to clean your golf balls. Fits in pocket. Just drop the ball in and clean with ease. Waterproof and washable.


Sleeping in a Barrel

Sleeping in a wine-barrel without getting drunk is bvery possible at a lovely, little hotel in the Netherlands.

De Vrouwe van Stavoren is probably the only hotel in the world that offers accomodation in real wine barrels. They are indeed genuine 15,000 liters Swiss wine barrels converted into small luxury rooms. Every room is equipped with a television-set, radio, shower and toilet, so you pretty much have everything you need.
The one thing that might bother you, if you’re not a wine enthusiast, is the smell of wine that the barrels still maintain. All in all the Barrel Hotel, in Stavoren, northern Netherlands, makes for a very pleasurable experience.


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